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Child well-being and income inequality

Recent research published by UNICEF shows that child well-being in rich countries is related more to income inequality rather than further economic growth. The researchers looked at what affected child well-being more: being poor, or being poorer than others. They found that the latter had more of a damaging effect on children?s well-being.

Another study, published by UNICEF earlier this year, found that children from the UK and the USA fared worse than any other rich country on measures of well-being.  This most recent study may provide some further insight into these results.

Poorer children fair less well than rich ones in each society.  The findings from this report are that child well-being was unrelated to average income but was strongly related to differences between the rich and poor within each country.

The authors found that within the 50 states the same findings occurred.  A whole host of problems were associated with the size of the income differences between the rich and poor.  The study found that well-being was better in states where the income differences were smaller. To read the article click here

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