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Disguising unsustainable actions eases our mind

Eminent Psychologist, Albert Bandura argues that many of us are pursuing practices that are detrimental to the environment and are not sustainable. Yet, we justify these actions by a kind of moral disengagement. This eases our conscience but does not ease the negative impact these practices will have on the planet and future generations. The evidence suggests that personal economic savings on energy consumption might be offset by increased consumption of goods and services, which may be more harmful for the environment.

The moral disengagement Bandura talk of equates to ?switching off one?s conscience?. Doing this, frees us from the constraints of monitoring what we are doing and defends our actions, on the basis that what we are doing is somehow fulfilling a worthy cause.  Bandura also argues that fancy language helps to disguise what is being done and reduces accountability.

Bandura say?s that we must stop attempting to disguise our actions and ?switch on our environmental conscience? in order to save the environment.  Bandura argues that learning about moral disengagement will shine a light on the malpractices of others and of us. In addtion to this, learning about other psychosocial mechanisms which operate at the individual and social level will also help.   If we are to protect our environment for future generations then we must make it difficult to disengage moral sanctions from ecologically destructive practices.  To read the press release click here.  To go to the International journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development to access the full article click here.  

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