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Mental Health in Education

In Australia, The Mental Health and Workforce Division are seeking to help teachers, mentors and lecturers integrate mental health into the primary, secondary and undergraduate curriculum.

They are presently piloting 'KidsMatter' a mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention framework in primary schools (age 5 to 12) and are reviewing the secondary school program, 'MindMatters' that preceded it. This approach seems well rounded and encourages a positive school environment, support for parents and provides extensive training for teachers.  The websites have lots of resources e.g. training days, discussions and so on. MindMatters has been made available to all Australian secondary schools (age 12 to 18) on an 'opt-in' basis since 2000. KidsMatter and MindMatters do not prescribe curriculum and children are not assessed.
The ResponseAbility Education initiative complements the MindMatters and KidsMatter initiatives and seeks to facilitate the integration of mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention and suicide prevention issues into undergraduate curriculum for secondary, and now primary, school teachers.
Though this looks like a balanced and non systematic approach, we're not necessarily promoting it as some elements may not be helpful: such as the teaching social and emotional intelligence.  The website gives no details of how they would do this.
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