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Joining the International Positive Psychology Association

Some of you may know that our Chief Execuative Carol is the secretary for the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

IPPA was set up last year with the aim to:

?Promote the science of positive psychology and its research - based applications.  To facilitate collaboration among researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners of positive psychology around the world and across academic disciplines.To share the findings of positive psychology with the broadest possible audience.?

The great news is that there are varying levels of membership and so this allows anyone to join.  The yearly membership is small (ranges from $30 - $90) and the benefits are great.  For example, there will be regular teleconference calls, from the likes of Martin Seligman and Ed Diener, which will teach people about Positive Psychology and about the developments in this field. Included in the membership is a quarterly newsletter, a discount to the World Congress, and a subscription to Positive Psychology News Daily.  To find out more about this opportunity click here

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