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Values are the key to happiness

Recent research conducted by an all-party group of Christian MPs suggests that discontent in the UK has risen due to a decline in key values rather than material wealth. The authors say that if we were to return to some of the values which were once the norm in society then happiness and well-being would increase.

The report's authors are arguing from a religious, Christian, point of view.  However they argue that cultivating these values is applicable to people of ?all faiths and none?.  A wealth of independent research supports the benefits that faith has on well-being.  So too does practices encouraged by religious groups such as gratitude, forgiveness and kindness. These practices are relevant for those who are not religious.

At the Centre, we are pleased to see that more people are moving away from focusing on happiness, feeling good, and materialism and stressing values and how we, as a society, model these values.  To read the article click here

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