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Great expectations in the work place

Holding high expectations about staff and students is they key ingredient for a successful organisation according to academics from Tel Aviv University. Their research reveals that leaders who believe in the potential of their staff and who expect a lot of them end up with a workforce, or classroom, which performs better. Having high expectations not only improves performance but can positively influence things like profitability and economic success.

Their research spans across various different and diverse populations of people from leaders of the Israli Defense Forces and managers of banks, to summer camp councellers and school principles.  They have consistently found that high expectations results in high performance.

Lead researcher Professor Eden has found that when a leader holds high expectations of staff this results in a 3:1 boost in their performance rate.  What this means is that staff will have a three times greater chance of being above average in performance.

Eden?s research builds upon the work done in the 60?s which showed that teachers beliefs about students influenced their performance ? the Pygmalion effect. Professor Eden recommends that ?Managers and leaders would be advised to expect a lot, and let people know they expect a lot.  The message should be genuine and consistent? and doing this will not only build people?s confidence but will also create a successful organization.  To read the article click here

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