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The effect of a green environment on health inequalities

Could living in a green environment reduce the health inequalities associated with socioeconomic status? It has long been known that disparities in health are linked to socioeconomic position, and now the first study of its kind has looked at access to a green environment and the relationship that this has to health in low socioeconomic status groups.

According to the large observational study, exposure to a natural environment plays a significant and independent role on health outcomes.  The study revealed that people from a low socioeconomic status group who lived in an area with natural surroundings were significantly less likely to die from all causes, and specifically less likely to die from Circulatory diseases, when compared to those from the same group but who had less access to green spaces.

The authors suggest that the green environment may encourage more physical activity and the greenery itself may confer direct health benefits.  They say  ?Physical environments that promote good health might be important to reduce health inequalities?.  To read the abstract click here To read the full article you have to sign up, this should be free.

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