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Children of active parents are more likely to succeed

Previous research suggests that there are certain activities which directly raise young peoples' ambition and aspiration level. Recent findings from a three year study, between Glasgow University and Sheffield University, suggests that it is not just what the young people do but it is also about what their parents do. The study showed that young people with socially active parents perform best at school.

What is most interesting is that children of parents who are socially active in various kinds of clubs such as sport clubs, religious groups, politics and so on, do better on reading, mathematics and vocabulary tests.

The researchers say that this finding has implications for those who cannot afford to have a range of social experiences.  They suggest that the lack of community participation may exaggerate the impact which poverty already has on life outcomes.

The authors suggest that being socially active may lead parents to encounter support, advice and assistance which may help them to bring up their children.  It may also be that the parents are modelling, to their child, a way of living. To listen to an interview with one of the lead authors and to read a summary of the research click here and scorll down to ' Children of Socially Active Parents have Better Exam Marks'.

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