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Small changes can reduce overindulgence

Can small changes reduce overindulgence? According to a recent study which will be published in the Journal of Consumer Research this August, people overindulge in response to the positive and negative feelings they experience in the here and now. The study found that when people are asked to focus on the reasons why positive feelings will last or why negative feelings will pass they are less likely to engage in overindulgent activities.

Believing that happy feelings will last and that negative feelings will pass can help people to stick to long term goals and consume less. For example, encouraging people to choose an apple over a biscuit. The study shows that this small strategy may help people to engage in behaviours which are helpful for their long term health and well-being.  The authors say that 'Simply thinking life is not so bad might actually help you make your life a little better by helping you make a healthy food choice,'

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