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Household plants can increase well-being in old folks homes

What can happen when older people move from living on their own to living in a care home or assisted living? In some cases this transition can cause a loss of independence and control, which impacts upon older peoples' sense of health and well-being. A recent study shows that something as simple as learning about and caring for a household plant can provide older people a sense of responsibility and can increase their quality of life.

Older people participated in a four week study which taught them about horticulture.  The lessons included how to care for household plants, different potting containers and how to choose the right plant for indoor living. The classes impacted upon older peoples' sense of control, health and happiness. Their teachers also observed many different positive changes in the students. The authors say that this type of activity helps to make the new living arrangement more like being in a new home rather than ?living in a home?  and can help to create an environment which encourages a flourishing old age.  To read the press release click here. To access the journal article click here

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