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Alcohol on TV makes people drink more

Does the amount of alcohol consumed on TV have an impact on how much people drink? According to a recent study from the Journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism those who watch TV shows and adverts which strongly feature alcohol, consume more booze than those who watch TV shows with less of a focus on alcohol.

The study found that those who watched movies with more alcohol consumption (e.g. American Pie), along with adverts where alcohol featured prominently, drank 1.5 more bottles immediately after, compared to those who watched TV shows with significantly less alcohol consumption (e.g. 40 days and 40 nights) and adverts where alcohol was not featured. What the researchers say is that advertising alcohol on TV and  watching people drink in films may not only change attitudes and norms within society but may also change behaviour too.  

They say that 'this is the first experimental study to show a direct effect of exposure to alcohol portrayals on TV on viewers'. The implications of this research is that cutting down exposure to alcohol consumption on TV may influence alcohol consumption within certain groups in society.  To read the article click here.

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