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Flourishing and positive emotions

Why is it that some people overcome, and grow from, the challenges and setbacks in life, while other people crumble in response to adversity?

Researchers are beginning to unpick the components of what they call resilience. Resilience they say is the ability to bounce back and thrive in response to setbacks or difficulties.  The scientific evidence suggests that the capacity to spring back can be cultivated in people,and in groups of people, and that this elasticity can be achieved through building positive emotions, an important ingredient of resilient individuals and communities. 

The evidence suggests that though we are in turbulent times there are some simple steps people can take to improve their well-being; activities which don?t cost money such as making connections with others, finding meaning in life and getting enough physical exercise. 

This fits in with the theme of last night?s event at Glasgow University Union 'Thriving in Turbulent Times' which was a huge success. We will be putting something on the web about this soon

To read the article about positive emotions and resilience click here.  You may also want to read what The Centre has to say about positive emotions and resilience in our Positive Psychology resources.  Click here and here


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