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Victims of overprotection and worrying?

According to some people, including a report released later today by the Children?s Society, young people are more stressed out, anxious and depressed than ever before. Despite the doom and gloom picture various experts say that young people are not in a crisis and that the worries and anxieties of over protective adults are the main cause for concern.

The interesting article, in yesterday's guardian, looks at the negative 'doom-mongering' view of young people and suggest that this may not only be wrong but self fulfilling.  Young people today are not the only generation who has experienced difficulties. Adult interventions and anxieties may be undermining young people's resilience, not enhancing it.  

The article suggests that adult overprotection, as well as the influence of drug companies, has resulted in an increase in misdiagnoses of depression.  Today young people who are unhappy may be labelled as disordered.  Painting a bleak, and possibly incorrect, picture of childhood may encourage adults to become more anxious and overprotective over young people which could in turn create or exaggerate existing problems. Young people are extremely resilient yet many people seem to underestimate their abilities to bounce back and want to wrap them up in cotton wool.

To read the article  click here to read the Good Childhood Inquiry report on the Children's Society website click here


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