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Employee well-being and organisational success

Could an organisation save money and increase productivity by investing in their employees well-being? According to research, carried out in the States, employees who have low levels of psychological well-being can cost companies around $75 per person per week in productivity, this works out about $4000 per year.

Studies, by Professor Thomas Wright of Kansas State University, demonstrate that employee?s well-being is tied to organizations bottom line. The research shows that if employees have low level of well-being they are more likely to leave their job. The well-being of staff can also influence staff turnover; when well-being increases staff turnover reduces.   There are also personal benefits of having high levels of well-being such as better interpersonal behaviors and cardiovascular health.  

Wright suggests that organizations should look at improving well-being through different approaches, such as helping workers to get a better fit between them and the job, providing social support to buffer against stressful jobs and teaching optimism to increase positive emotion and resilience. To read about the research click here


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