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Changing colours to enhance performance

Can different colours influence performance on different tasks? For example, will a blue computer screen enhance success in one area but not in another? According to recent study colour does boost the brains performance; researchers found that red enhances attention to detail and blue enhances creativity.

Researchers, from the University of British Columbia, asked participant to undertake six cognitive tasks on computers with different coloured screens; red, blue or white.  What they found was that people working on tasks when there was a red screen were better than the other groups at proof reading and memory retrieval, the difference was 31 %.  Those in the blue condition produced twice as many creative outputs than the other groups.

The researchers say that the colours red and blue activate different motivations.  Red signals danger, caution and mistakes which we associate with things like stop signs and teachers? red pens.  Blue, on the other hand, is associated with possibilities and openness. The researchers say that this is because we associate blue with skies, oceans and water.  To read the press release click here To access the article click here


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