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Happiness is love

In this month edition of The Atlantic journalist Joshua Wolf Shank asks What Makes Us Happy? The article looks at insights from the grant study; a research endeavor which has tracked the health and well-being of 268 Harvard university students since the late 1930?s early 1940?s.

There is a short video of Dr George Vaillant American Psychiatrist, Professor at Harvard medical school and longtime director of the project. Vaillant says that what he has learned from the men in the study is that the aging process is a much more rich and enjoyable process than we all imagine, and a lot less scary than we think. The men’s stories are empowering and uplfting and, Vaillant says, show us that the key to happiness is love.

Click here to read the article, and to watch the 6 minute video with Vaillant. To find out more about positive ageing click here

Image by Deidre Scherer

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