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About Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is  a contemporary American philosopher. He set up the Integral Institute in 1998 and  is considered to be the world's leading integral thinker.

Wilber has authored many books with the most famous being Sex, Ecology and Spirituality (1995) and A Theory of Everything (2000) – titles which convey the scope of his work. Wilber is particularly interested in evolution, consciousness, spirituality and developmental psychology but his work also includes commentaries and critiques of science, politics, and contemporary culture.  In his book Boomeritis ( 2002) he argues convincingly that contemporary culture is inherently narcissistic and that this is impedes the type of development now needed in a global world.

At the core of Wilber's ideas is his AQAL framework which stands for 'all quadrants all levels' but actually means ' all quadrants, lines, levels, states and types.'  'Lines' refers to different pathways for individual development (e.g. cognitive, musical, ethical) and 'levels' to stages of psychological development. 'States' refers to states of consciousness.  'Types' refers to differences in people such as masculine/feminine or psychological type as outlined by schemas such as the Enneagram or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. (The Centre has a huge section of its website devoted to explaining the MBTI.)

Given the huge scope of Wilber's work we cannot hope to do justice to these ideas. However, we list below some websites readers can use to begin their own exploration. (1)

We also do not support all Wilber's theories and viewpoints and think there is validity in some of the arguments of his critics. (2)

That being said, all we try to do in this section is explain Wilber's quadrant framework and how we think this can be applied to help overcome the problems of fragmented thinking.

1. Ken Wilber's personal website

Integral institute

Wikipedia has a full entry on Ken Wilber and his work.

2. See the Integral World website, particularly the following entry:

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