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Speakers, trainers and workshop leaders


The Centre for Confidence and Well being is frequently invited to give talks and to provide training on a wide range of topics to audiences throughout the UK and Ireland. Our inputs are intelligently informed around contemporary thinking and practice drawn from some of the world's leading academics, researchers and practitioners in the field.

The Centre's Chief Executive, Dr Carol Craig, is much in demand as a keynote speaker or presenter at conferences throughout the UK. Here you can access some information on the type of topics she speaks on and get a flavour of the feedback she receives.

Centre associates

Our team of training and development associates aim to inform, stimulate and provoke participants to reflect on the topics in question at both an individual or organisational level. They also aim to stimulate thinking and provide guidance about how they can apply some of these ideas on a day to day basis in a range of contexts.   

Our associates are skilled and highly experienced professionals operating in a wide variety of fields across the public, private and third sectors. You can access information about their experience and areas of expertise by using the menu on the right.

One of our associates, Alan Sinclair, writes a blog on the website mainly on early years and often speaks at workshops and events on the topic. Zoe Van Zwanenberg headed up the Scottish Leadership Foundation and was projects manager at the Centre for a number of years. Zoe is available to talk on a whole range of leadership issues.

Courses, programmes and workshop topics

We prefer to tailor our programmes and services to the specific requirements of organisations rather than provide 'off the shelf' solutions. This means that you get a better fit around what you really need and want to achieve.

We work with all age groups and life stages e.g. from children and young people in primary and secondary schools through to senior managers and leaders working in the corporate sector. We can accommodate groups of all sizes.

The work that we are involved in has universal applicability and can be versioned to suit your particular needs in whatever environment you operate in.  

Some examples of  the content that we can integrate in courses and inputs includes;


To think about and develop individual and organisational responses and approaches to building confidence in different settings

Mindset and Motivation

We draw, amongst others, on the work of Professor Carol Dweck at Stanford University in the US, and explore the properties of the Fixed and the Growth Mindset. This model can be applied and utilised in a wide variety of contexts. We have developed particular expertise in this area and are currently collaborating with Professor Dweck on a research project exploring Mindset interventions in the Education sector in Scotland. 


This is an area that has been subject to much attention and research in recent years. We consider the qualities and habits that resilient people develop and explore what are the key ingredients in helping others to become more resilient in their lives. We can also run training courses on the much acclaimed Australian school based resiliency programme, Bounce Back.

Again, all these courses can be tailored to suit a wide variety of audiences.


We consider a wide range of contemporary ideas around well-being at an individual, organisational and societal level. We contextualise well being within a Scottish (or if required, other parts of the UK) frame of reference  

We contemplate how you can actively promote well-being, and consider what are the underlying inhibitors in families, communities, workplaces and organisations.

The themes outlined above are all inter-related. We present them as part of a cohesive and integrated approach allowing particpants to consider their own situations with perspective, breadth and depth. 


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