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Enspired Profiles information and purchase

For over a decade now many MBTI practitioners in the UK and beyond have been using Enspired Profiles and, as the following quotes testify, they love using them:

Enspired Profiles really sum up the 16 types and help people find their 'best fit'. A tremendous resource.
Anne O'Neill, MBTI practitioner

These profiles are ideal for training courses. They're economical, easy to use and high quality. Really recommend them.
Rod Hunter, SHARE (Training for housing associations)

It's great having a resource like this written for the British market. They work well with private and public sector staff. They are also witty, intelligent and  accurate.
Patricia Boyle, Oranisational Development Consultant

I use Enspired Profiles all the time and recommend them to everyone I teach - a great resource!
Bill Davis, MBTI practitioner

The content is similar to the profiles we carry on the site but they are laid out differently. You can download two separate profiles for review purpose below.

Enspired Profiles costs £120 to purchase. We can either send you a CD Rom or we can email you the files. Please email us on


and we'll send you further information. We operate a guaranteed refund if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

 ENTP Enspire Profile Sample (105 KB)
 ESFJ Enspire Profile sample (104 KB)

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